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DNA Tattoo Supplies. First. I need to tell you we are small company, we only have 5 people in it. But we are really earnest and honest man in this industry. About our tattoo products, I don't want to say how wonderful quality we have, That's ballshit if the company they say like this. Do you think that customers always have stupid mind about your company and believe everything what you said before they test? Never! The true is everything we sell are made in China. And we try to make our stuff in best quality. I think many experienced man know that in China we can make everything. In my eyes. the most important thing is trying our best to serve our customers and make them satisfy with our hard work, then we both make profit. Another thing I want to say, If you are a big customer, and spend a lot of money buying goods. I think we don't have enough ability to get your order. Unless you are not serious in the price of products. Because we are not real factory. But I think we have an goo... [Details]
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